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La Norma is situated next to the beautifull "Parc National de La Vanoise", the first nature reserve in France. Here you see glaciers, monoliths and old fortresses. Wild goats, chamoises and marmots, a rare eagle and hundreds of beautifull flowers. The information centre of the parc is in Lanslebourg - Mont Cenis.

Only 10 minutes driving from La Norma ther are various alpinism tours. Maison de La Norma has more information.
Very nice (also with children older than 10) is the ‘Adventureparc’ near Termignon: swinging along cables on 15 feet height.

This city is hardly discovered by tourists. It is the origin of the slowfood movement and really worth a visit. Nice shopping with all the famous fashion houses around, interesting art galleries: through the Tunnel de Frejus you are enjoying a real Italian cappuccino within 75 minutes!

Also very nice
Visiting the glassblower in Avrieux, paddle near the 50m high waterfall in between Aussois and Avrieux, learn more about the history at the fortresses of St Gobain, visit the cheese makers of the famous Blue de Termignon: everything within 15 minutes driving from La Norma.

Blue de Termignon